Life Is Our Greatest Adventure

When’s the Last Time You Dreamed Big And Then Made it Happen?

Hope. Grit. Preparation. Courage.

What qualities help you turn an idea into adventures lived and dreams attained? To me, it’s embracing what makes you grateful to get up every morning. Seeing the best in every opportunity. Finding joy in the current moment. Discovering what excites you. And then, finding the gumption to tackle your next dream. Go get it!


Hi, I’m Laura Mooney, adventurer and dreamer. I’m not here to tell you what your version of adventure looks like. I’m here to share my goals as you name yours. To tackle my next summit while you navigate your path. To share my challenges as you dig deep. So we can shed our self-doubt and go for it. Together.

My mantra: Grab on to what excites you, for as long as it continues to excite you. I hope Mooney Explores will spark your dreams and inspire you to live your own greatest adventure. Welcome!